Terms & Conditions

Payment in full is due on or before the 5th day of each month. Late charges of 5% will apply to all outstanding balances. Services will be terminated if payment is not received by the 1st of the following month.

Notice to terminate any services must be delivered in writing to the Center Manager’s office at least 30 days prior to the termination date and notice must be given prior to the first day of the month. All agreements will end on the last day of the month.

Service rates may be adjusted from time to time. Notice of any such changes will be provided to client at least 30 days prior to such changes.

A service deposit equal to two months recurring fees will be retained.

By executing this agreement, I hereby authorize Virgo to charge my credit card (as noted within) for the Initial Payment Due. I further authorize Virgo to charge the same credit card on the first business day of each month, for the Monthly Recurring Fees due, as well as any other fee due for other services that may have been provided by Virgo during the previous month. I agree that I will be fully protected in honoring such charges, and that Virgo's treatment of each such draft, and their rights with respect to it, shall be the same as if it were signed personally by me. I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until cancelled by me in writing, and until the Licensor actually receives such notice, I will be fully protected in honoring such charges.