What our clients think of Virgo!

Written by virgobc on March 15, 2016 in Blog

I had the pleasure of interviewing attorney John Howley. His company has been with Virgo Business Centers for almost 4 years. They started off as a virtual office, grew into a small office and continued to grow into the largest office at the Empire State Building location. Mr. Howley has a law firm that represents professionals, business owners, and employees in three important areas:  Healthcare fraud, employment rights and whistle blower rewards. I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Howley about his experience thus far with Virgo.

What does he like about being at Virgo? Well in his own words, “everything”.  He loves that the staff is professional, friendly and helpful. Our offices are fully furnished with good quality desks, chairs, tables and bookshelves. He didn’t have to deal with the time and extra expense of moving or purchasing furniture. He loves how the reception area and conference rooms are very impressive. He likes that the receptionist are able to answer and transfer his calls, and our phone systems send voicemail messages via email.

He also had nothing but good things to say about our center location. The Empire State building is an iconic location and easy for clients to find. The midtown location is very convenient, with most subway lines only a block or two away and Penn Station just down the street. Everything about the location “lends an air of prestige to our firm- from the Fifth Avenue address, to the historic main floor lobby, the uniformed guards who greet visitors, to the incredible views from the 59th floor”.

We strive to  give every client the same satisfaction here at Virgo Business Centers.

John Howley and Carolin Torres

John Howley and Carolin Torres