WSP – Virgo Spotlight Client

Written by virgobc on February 2, 2015 in Spotlight Client

WSP is the Spotlight Client of the Month for Virgo Business Centers’ Grand Central location.

How many employees does your business have?

WSP employs 40,000 people worldwide, 500+ in New York City and 4 people in our Manhattan office.

What are your business specialties?

Design and Construction management of Infrastructures.

How would you describe your business?

WSP is one of the world’s leading professional services firms in its industry, working with governments, business, architects and planners and providing integrated solutions across many disciplines of engineering. Established

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RealityMine – Virgo Spotlight Client

Written by virgobc on December 19, 2014 in Spotlight Client

RealityMine is a world leading mobile technology company with powerful passive & active data collection tools and analytic engines that provide actionable consumer behavioral insights. We serve over 40 of the world’s top media agencies, brands and market research companies.

Virgo is helping us put the company on the map in the USA, our most important market. By having a professional office in the middle of Manhattan, close to the center of our markets – most of our target clients –

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Orange Energizing Solutions – Virgo Spotlight Client

Written by virgobc on December 15, 2014 in Spotlight Client

Orange Energizing Solutions is an energy efficiency company with over 50 employees throughout the US and Canada. In NY, we employ over 25 employees. We specialize in helping companies ( food chains, restaurants, etc. ) in reducing their energy costs.

The secret to our success is working closely with our customers and giving them great product, as well as outstanding service. We also pride ourselves on helping the world be more “green” in conserving energies.

Here at Virgo Business Centers, it is

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