Furnished Offices Grand Central Station NYC

Written by edward on April 3, 2014 in Blog

Furnished Offices Grand Central Station NYC

Furnished Offices Near Grand Central Station New York City

Virgo’s Grand Central Station business center located in the Chanin Building has furnished offices  and conference rooms available by hour, day, week and month. This building is a gorgeous legacy of New York’s art deco era, The Chanin is also the most convenient office building in Manhattan.

The lobby of the Chanin Building connects directly to Grand Central Terminal. This convenient connection to New York City’s most important transportation hub makes Virgo’s Grand Central Station business center the end stop of one of the easiest commutes in New York. In addition, out of town guests and clients don’t need to worry about navigating the streets of Manhattan to find your office. They can practically step off their train or bus and grab an elevator straight to your office.

Our Grand Central Station business center covers 35,000 square feet, including all of the 17th and part of the 16th floor. Each floor has a fully stocked kitchen/pantry for the use of you and your guests. In addition to furnished offices the business center has

• three boardrooms

• private washrooms

• a large and professional staffed reception area

• two copy centers

The surrounding area includes a number of restaurants and catering facilities. Whether you want to get out of the office for a while, or have a catering spread delivered for an important presentation, you’ll have a variety of options. Long distance visitors and clients will find a number of hotels in close proximity, making it easy for them to find a place to stay while you show them around the city and show them the many benefits your business has to offer.

Furnished Offices at Virgo Business Centers

We have 5 locations with furnished offices in New York City. Each location is in a unique building with a full suite of services. Contact us today for a tour.