Meeting Facilities For Daily Rent New York City

Written by edward on April 4, 2014 in Blog

Meeting Facilities  For Daily Rent NYC

Meeting Facilities For Daily Rent NYC

Corporate meeting facilities can be critical to the smooth operations of a business.  Meeting facilities allow a large group of people to sit down together—from a board to a marketing department to the most recent hires—and all take part in the same discussion. The value of being able to gather a large group in a face to face interaction is impossible to measure, but it has a number of benefits including:

• Clarity—without a large enough meeting facility communications happen piecemeal, and may turn into a child’s game of ‘telephone.’ Using a meeting facility allows everyone to be part of the same discussion, not spread across a dozen smaller discussions

• Group planning—while two heads are not always better than one, bringing a group together to brain storm and plan can result in a wider array of options, and a better chance of spotting potential problems

• Logistics—it is much easier to organize one large meeting for a presentation or discussion, then a dozen smaller ones. It is less time consuming to gather a dozen people into one meeting facility, than to go around to a dozen different offices and have the same discussion over and over again.

Virgo Business Centers understands the importance and value of having access to a meeting facility. That is why our Grand Central Station business center has three meeting facilities in different sizes. We are happy to provide these facilities to small and medium businesses. Call us today for more information or to make a reservation.

Meeting Facilities for Daily Rent at Virgo Business Centers NYC

We have 5 locations with meeting facilities for daily or hourly rent

  • 1345 Avenue of Americas – 54th Street
  • 575 Lexington Avenue – 51st Street
  • 380 Lexington Avenue – 42nd Street
  • 350 Fifth Ave – Empire State Building
  • 225 West 34th Street – Penn Station area