Virgo Business Centers 380 Lexington Avenue NYC

Written by edward on April 7, 2014 in Blog

Virgo Business Centers 380 Lexington Avenue NYC

Virgo Business Centers 380 Lexington Avenue NYC

Small businesses face many challenges in competing with larger corporations. They need to work with fewer resources, but attracting clients requires maintaining a professional appearance that rivals the large competition. Small businesses need to make some changes to be able to compete, and one important change is partnering with professional business centers.

Virgo Business Centers, like our Grand Central location on Lexington Ave, are the wave of the future for small business. Business centers all a small business to enjoy all the benefits of a large, professionally furnished and staffed workspace, without needing to shoulder all the costs alone. A good business center is a partner to the small businesses that are part of it, helping them by meeting their needs, so they can meet the needs of their clients.

With in a business center, many small businesses can have working space, access to boardrooms, a fully stocked kitchen and pantry, a staffed reception area and many more benefits. Few small businesses can afford an office with all the amenities of a business center. In a business center, the cost of these amenities are split between the multiple small businesses that use the space. As a result, each business pays less than they would to simply rent a small, unstaffed, unfurnished office space, and instead gets a fully furnished, fully staffed office with many extra amenities.

Virgo Business Centers New York City

Virgo Business Centers has 5 Locations in NYC including:

  • 1345 Avenue Of Americas – 54th Street
  • 575 Lexington Avenue – 51st Street
  • 380 Lexington Avenue – Grand Central Access
  • 350 Fifth Avenue – Empire State Building
  • 225 West 34th Street – Penn Station Area
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