3 Ways To Find Office Space Near Grand Central Station

Written by Don Seckler on November 17, 2015 in Blog



3 ways to find office space near grand central stationReasons a New York-based business might want to locate its offices near Grand Central Station range from easy access for commuting workers to the prestigious address associated with office space in the area. An office in a prestigious building that overlooks other areas of Midtown gives customers an impression of success, which can make it easier for businesses to close deals or create an atmosphere of equality with partners. Finding offices space near Grand Central Station isn’t always as easy as defining the reasons your business needs that space.

Go Through a Realtor to Lease Space

Business owners might consider working with a realtor to connect with an office space for lease. While a realtor familiar with the neighborhood around Grand Central Station might offer some insight into the best office space available, there’s also a chance that the agent is biased toward certain clients that lease in the area. Involving an agent can also increase your rental costs. You might not pay fees to the agent, but someone does – if the company renting the property pays a realtor to handle marketing to prospective renters, those fees might be hidden in a slightly larger rent payment.

Lease Directly from a Commercial Management Company

A third option when seeking office space around Grand Central Station is to lease directly from an owner or property management firm. Cutting out as many middle-men as possible helps keep rent lower, but most owners or property managers do require that you commit to a lengthy lease.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with committing your business to the neighborhood, you might find that a lease stifles your ability to grow organically. The neighborhood is filled with great eateries and coffee shops, including Cipriani Le Specialita, so you won’t go hungry or tire of the food available even if you put in a lot of late nights to grow your business and resort to take-out for dinner. If you’re locked into a lease, though, you might grow hungry for extra office space or the ability to customize how you use the space when your business grows in unplanned and exciting ways.

Rent Shared Office Space

To mitigate risks associated with long-term leases and control your office space expenses, you might consider renting shared office space. Virgo Business Centers offers high-level office space a few blocks from Grand Central Station. You don’t have to make a long commitment, and you can begin business operations in as little as 24 hours when you decide to rent shared office space. The Grand Central Station location offers meeting rooms; copy, fax and print capability; and a kitchenette stocked with coffee and tea. Vending machines offer easy access to other beverages, letting you offer refreshments to clients and ensuring employees can feed hunger and thirst even during project crunch time when no one can leave for lunch.

The location is accessible from anywhere in New York City and by individuals using either Grand Central Station or various bus routes to commute in from the suburbs. Local amenities are plentiful, so you don’t have to worry about employees who pop out for a bite to eat and you can easily schedule after-hours dinner or drinks meetings.

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