3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your NYC Office Space

Written by Don Seckler on October 8, 2015 in Blog

3 ways to make the most of your NYC office space3 Ways to Make the Most of Your NYC Office Space

In New York City, office space comes at a premium. The exorbitant costs of traditional office space require businesses to cleverly consider the best ways to utilize it in a cost-effective manner.

Renting office space is a business budgeting issue, first and foremost, which is why businesses should squeeze every dollar of value out of their office space. Wasted space is wasted money that is better spent elsewhere, so to that end, here are three steps you can take to optimize your NYC office space:

1. Eliminate All Unnecessary Space

One of the wisest decisions you can make for your business is to eliminate any space that is not of use for your business. In NYC, excess and unused office space can add hundreds of thousands to millions of your business finances if you wastefully pay for unnecessary office space for many years.

Eliminate the problem now by focusing only on the space you need. To eliminate the excess space, it may be prudent to consider a downsize or a shift toward shared office space in NYC. With shared office space, you will receive a better price than traditional office space rentals in NYC, and you are not locked into a long-term commitment. This is invaluable because you can increase or decrease your office space accommodations as your business grows or downsizes.

By contrast, traditional rentals may lock you into wasting office space if you have signed a lease that contracts you to stay in the space for a set duration. However, even if you find yourself locked into a lease with an office space that is too large for your needs, your business will benefit by making the switch to a smaller and more affordable office space when your lease ends.

2. Think About How Often the Office Space Is Needed

Another essential way your business can make the most of your office space is to use it only when it is needed. For example, if you own a small business and need to head into the office two days out of the week, it makes little sense to pay for a full month of office space under traditional leasing. Usage data would clearly indicate that your business is wasting thousands of dollars each month by paying for office space that is not truly needed or used toward maximizing your business success.

You make the most out of your office space by using office space precisely as much as you need to run your business. Shared office spaces are the ideal way to do just that in NYC. With shared office space, you can tailor a rental agreement that is tailored specifically to the needs of your business, and this adds up to big savings that can go toward growing your business.

3. What Business Network and Resource Opportunities Do You Have Access To?

Making the most out of your NYC office space is not solely about the space itself. Sometimes, the value of office space is also who you are surrounded with and the resources you have at your disposal in your office space. In NYC, traditional leases are a real luck of the draw, and you will likely be surrounded by business professionals who operate in an industry entirely separate from yours. You will also likely not interact with these individuals since you have separate offices. In a shared office space, you will enjoy easy access to other business professionals that can grow your network and help your small business.

Your business will also have access to a professional receptionist, a conference room, state-of-the-art copiers and more. These features are next to impossible for most small businesses to afford, but these helpful resources are immediately available with a cost-effective shared office space solution.

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