5 NYC Small Business Office Space Trends You Can’t Ignore

Written by Don Seckler on October 13, 2015 in Blog

5 NYC small business office trends you can't ignoreNew York City is a city that is on the cutting edge of innovation and trends, which is why it is little surprise that NYC small businesses are also on the cutting edge of business trends. Small businesses in NYC are increasingly focusing on five trends that can make a huge difference in the quality of small business office space, and these are trends you can tap into to grow your business:

1. The Cost-Effective Push Toward Better Business Resources

Small businesses in NYC need quality resources in order to compete effectively. Professional receptionists, for example, are an outstanding way to maximize your time by spending work hours on growing your business instead of on administrative tasks. Similarly, having a conference room where you can meet with prospective clients goes a long way toward providing your business with a sophisticated and polished image.

Many small businesses could not afford to hire a receptionist or rent traditional office space in NYC that could accommodate a conference room, but a shared NYC office space solution avoids these issues while providing a receptionist and a furnished, professional conference room. Additional amenities like copiers and other business essentials only add to the value of shared NYC office spaces, and savvy small business owners who made the switch to shared office space know that these are benefits that cannot be ignored.

2. Flexibility

Small businesses need NYC office space that is a reflection of their business, but small businesses are also rapidly changing in many instances. And as businesses expand or cut back, they’ll also experience rapid fluctuations in their space needs for their office. When budgets are tight, smaller spaces may be better, but if the business really takes off, your business may need more space and enhanced office features. Shared office spaces provide the flexible answer to these issues in a way that traditional leasing cannot match.

With shared NYC office space, you can rent offices by the month, week or even by the day to maximize office space efficiency in a way that meets your small business needs.

3. Utilize the Office Space As a Way to Grow Referrals

Small businesses need to network in order to succeed in a competitive business landscape, and shared office space provides the best way to do just that. With a shared office space, you will work in close proximity to small business owners and professionals just like yourself, and this can help you grow your business network and even receive valuable referrals that lead to quality clients.

More clients equals more revenue for your business, which is one of many reasons that shared NYC office space is a hot trend that small business are increasingly interested in.

4. Price Matters

Increasingly, small business owners in NYC are realizing that the high costs of traditional leasing options in NYC are unnecessary. Traditional leasing is exorbitant in expense and is often a crippling financial burden that has thwarted the dreams of many small businesses. With the rise of shared office spaces, however, small businesses realize that obtaining office space does not have to be an expensively prohibitive undertaking.

Shared office spaces provide flexible and affordable rental options that provide a wide range of desirable amenities, furnished offices and quality conference rooms at a price point small businesses can afford. This small business advantage is one that every NYC small business owner should consider since shared office spaces create a sophisticated and professional image that will retain and attract clients without breaking the business budget.

5. Time is Money

Once a small business decides on an office space, time is of the essence since your small business doesn’t have weeks to wait around while the competition is growing their business. Shared office space in NYC will allow you to move in quickly, often within 24 hours. Traditional office space can take weeks, meaning that only shared office space lets your business hit the ground running with effortless ease.

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