How To Set Up A New York Satellite Office

Written by Don Seckler on February 23, 2016 in Blog

How To Set Up A New York Satellite OfficeBusinesses expand and grow as time goes on. Stronger sales, a larger number of clients, and a growing list of services are all signs that point toward a successful, thriving business. While this is certainly fantastic news for business owners and employees, it also poses problems concerning the amount of office space or may even create concerns regarding the business’s global presence. If you aren’t sure whether opening another branch is the correct move for your business then Freedman Consulting provides some information on things to look for when deciding if opening another office branch is is the best solution.

Since many small businesses are launched out of one office, success could mean implementing additional offices in order to extend or satisfy your client reach. If you are a business owner who is interested in expanding your offices, then here are some tips on setting up a New York satellite office:

  1. Consider new technology for enhanced communication. The appropriate technology is key to successful communication between clients and offices. While this is important for most successful businesses, it is absolutely crucial for businesses that have a satellite office. Since these offices have less contact with the main office, knowing that they can be reached easily and without fail is important to keeping employees at both locations communicating and working together. After all, just because the office is located in another state does not mean that they are any less important to the daily contributions of workflow at your facility.
  1. Maintain contact with the office. As the old saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” This saying rings true in most scenarios and is not any different when it comes to running a business. Making yourself not only available to employees but also visible is a great way of showing them that you actually care about the work they are doing, which in turn may inspire them to care more. This is especially important at the start of the office, since employees will be looking for direction or clarification about what the business is actually all about. While travel can be grueling at times, taking a few trips out to your satellite office may offer incredible rewards later when your employees begin proving their worth.
  1. Find a location with a prestigious address. As a business owner you want to make sure that your company is represented well. If you’re making the big move to step up your image with a satellite office in New York City, you should go all the way and make sure that you get a prestigious office address in Manhattan. It let’s your clients know that you are serious about playing with the big boys. A good first impression is everything.
  1. Find an affordable location. Cost is everything when it comes to opening a satellite office. While the decision to open the additional office does prove that your business must be doing well, it is not reason to purchase a space without first considering your budget. Before making a spontaneous decision, speak in great detail with your finance manager about what sort of price range makes the most sense for your current situation. Once the budget is selected, if it is not in a range that you initially imagined, try to determine what amenities can be reasonably cut so that employees are comfortable without breaking the bank. Taking the time to really consider what it is you can afford will save a lot of heartache once the office is up and running.

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