Virtual Office Space Can Give Your Business a 212 Telephone Number

Written by Don Seckler on January 5, 2016 in Blog

Virtual Office Space Can Give Your Business a 212 Telephone NumberIf you’re a small business owner or startup executive looking for that prestigious work space that is available when you want it, a virtual office space is just what you need. Why pay for a full time office if you don’t require it just yet? Virgo Business Centers offers virtual workplaces that provide both the weight of a successful Manhattan address and the flexibility to use it whenever needed. The company gives you five distinguished Manhattan locations to choose from along with the coveted 212 area code:

  • Midtown
    This is the largest business district in the United States and is home to Rockefeller Center, Times Square, the United Nations Headquarters, and much more.
  • Midtown East
    Explore this bustling neighborhood with high rises, tree-lined streets, and a diverse community.
  • Grand Central Terminal
    This historic landmark carries commuters and travelers daily while attracting tourists eager to see its beautiful architecture.
  • Empire State Building
    Work from this impressive 102-story skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan. Don’t forget to take in the breathtaking view of the New York City.
  • Penn Station
    Have your office space close to this bustling intercity railroad station at 14 Penn Plaza where a surrounding variety of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment spots await.

The renowned 212 area code was first created in 1947 to cover the area of Manhattan and might have been chosen because of its ease on rotary phones. Since then, the number’s popularity and reputation has only increased along with a surge of New Yorkers and outsiders alike vying for their very own Manhattan number. With a 212 number, businesses are more likely to solidify their standing among peers while showcasing their professionalism and esteem.

What else comes with your virtual office space with Virgo Business Centers?

  • Manhattan Mailing Address
    Potential clients will see a prominent NYC address underneath your company’s name which will build confidence and admiration
  • Mail Handling and Distribution
    Virgo Business Centers will take care of receiving and forwarding your mail on a weekly or daily basis so you don’t have to
  • 212 Number and Voicemail
    You will receive your own Manhattan phone number along with a voicemail system to catch missed calls
  • Live Phone Answering and Forwarding
    A staff member can be readily available to take any incoming calls and then forward them if necessary
  • Secure a Meeting Room When Needed
    If you’re in the area, you can rent an office or meeting room for the day. These are fully furnished and technologically ready for your business.

Since you don’t need a full time office, a virtual option is best while you’re growing your business. However, choosing the right location is just as important as choosing a business name. Grounding your company in NYC, specifically Manhattan, broadcasts a powerful image towards others in your field. When a Manhattan address accompanies your name, it signifies a degree of professionalism, confidence, and success.  

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View Virgo Business Centers 5 Midtown Manhattan locations: Midtown, Midtown East, Grand Central Terminal, Empire State Building and Penn Station.