How A Team Room Can Make Your Company More Successful

Written by Don Seckler on November 13, 2015 in Blog

How a team room can make your company more successful

As the owner of your company, you realize that certain spaces help your employees be more productive. One of those spaces is a team room. Once everyone gets together to collaborate in a team room you’ll immediately recognize its benefits and wonder how the company made it to this point without such a communal space. The bottom line is that employees communicate in a much more effective manner when they are all in the same room in a face-to-face environment

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5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Marketing For Your Small Business

Written by Don Seckler on November 10, 2015 in Blog

5 simple ways to boost your marketing for your small business

You need more clients and you need more sales. But as a small business owner who oversees every single aspect of your company, your time is extremely limited and your energy can’t be squandered. How can you invest the minimum amount of effort to reap maximum profitability in the sale of your services or products?

1) Build an “All About Me” portfolio

Assuming you have at least a basic website, you also need a few baseline pieces of hard copy marketing materials.

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3 Office Space Fails That Are Common In New York City

Written by Don Seckler on November 5, 2015 in Blog

Three office space fails that are common to nyc

Your office space can either help or hurt your business.  As times have changed recently, office layouts and features have also changed.  But not all of these changes have been for the best.

Here are three of the biggest fails that you might see right here in New York City.

1) The Open Office Layout

This style of office has become extremely popular among the tech companies here in New York and across the US.  This style of office eschews walls for

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