5 Finishing Touches For Your Manhattan Office Space

Written by Don Seckler on October 22, 2015 in Blog

5 finishing touches for your Manhattan office space

5 Finishing Touches for Your Manhattan Office Space

In Manhattan, paying attention to detail is a way of life. Whether you are figuring out how to shave off a few minutes to your morning routine, finding the best value lunch spot or mastering the art of effective subway navigation, New Yorkers know how to make the most out of their daily routine. However, busy New Yorkers often let the details of their office fall through the cracks in the process.

For many

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When It Pays To Move Your NYC Business Into An Office Space

Written by Don Seckler on October 20, 2015 in Blog

When it pays to move your NYC business into an office space

If you own a small business or are a sole-proprietorship, moving to a NYC office space could improve your productivity and your income while giving you a better work-life balance.

Better Separation of Your Business and Home Life

Freelancers, insurance agents, lawyers and other soloprenuers need to be able to separate their work-lives from their home-lives. Combining the two into one space can leave you at risk for neglecting either your work or your family.  By leaving your home in the morning and

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How You Know It’s Time To Move Your Business Out Of Your Apartment

Written by Don Seckler on October 15, 2015 in Blog

Hoe you know it's time to move your business out of your apartment

Starting your own business can be rough. Not only are you responsible for every aspect of your company, but it takes up room in your apartment. However, after putting your passion into your vision, your business is starting to take off. You need to be able to meet with clients in a professional space and have an office to work from. The only problem is that you are not ready to invest in a long-term rental agreement. You want to

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